Two Moons to Describe Someone 

​I often think that humans are enjoying the judgments of others about themselves. They enjoy being appreciated for what they have done and their good personalities. But it also occurred that humans have fear of judgments by others whenever their bad side are being exposed. 

Whenever humans in this state of “fear of judgments”, they will try their best to evade the consequences by acting according to what society think is the best. As they are trying to fit, it will create some kind of alter ego and develop other fake personalities which often trigger humans to feel like they are not being themselves. 

That is why I think that there is a possibility that people who we know (or when we think personally that they know us), are not acting with their original scripts. They are trying to find the script within other people around them. They will become original men who try to comfort others, but actually hurt inside. 

It is hard, but it will not be hurt to try it. 

Sharon Creech once said, “Don’t judge a man before you walk two moons using his moccasins.” The term “moccasins” could be interpreted as an idiom to explain about seeing from the perspective. You have to become that person and gain knowledge about sales-marketing for about 2 months. 

So let’s drop the subject now by trying to focus!