People’s Needs to be Appreciated 

One of the wonderful lessons which I have learned through meeting with new people in my life is about humans need to be appreciated by others. It never occurred to me that I begin to think about how slightly important it is to be appreciated by others. Both of appreciation and acknowledgement are two basic human needs. Humans need to be appreciated for who they are is an important matter which contribute to their desire to continuously improve their qualities of life.

To be surrounded by people who acknowledge us for the way we are is not an easy task. It requires effort to make the circle of those people. The question is how do we find it? We can find it by expanding our networks through various events. Networking events or traveling could contribute to this. We should try to find other people who share similar values to us. It is not necessary to have all of our values blend together, but we have to make sure that most of our values are there within these people.

The first case which I found was in a peer group while you are studying at the class. It often occurs to us that we have a gang or two as a student either at school or in university life. These peers are people who understand the most notable things about us, the one who give us rooms to become ourselves. Some people are failed to get the most of them because they chose the wrong peers. They thought that they have a good peer while actually the peer is the one who destroy them.

The second case is the dangerous one. Some people who seek to acknowledgements sometimes do not care about what they do either it is bad or good. The results of this matters are various cases which we witnessed in newspapers and social media sites. I am pretty sure that some evil doers do not actually do bad things because they are evil. Some people are in the case to fulfill their economic situations, some others seek for acknowledgement or we could simply call it popularity. It is not hard to find people like this. They are all around us and we need to try to appreciate them for what they are, not by what society demands. Sometimes it is the norm pressure in society which prevented this kind of people to achieve good results in life.

I am not trying to blame the norms. The norms are there to guide us on becoming a better society. But trying to press the norms to some people who can make a greater contribution by adapted to a different norms is not a good thing to do. We should give people rooms to become themselves. People are looking for some ways to be appreciated and we could not change the fact.


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