A Late Night Chat in Omegle 

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like anime.

Stranger: Hello

You: Hi!

Stranger: How are you?

You: Not so well, not so bad either…

You: How about you?

Stranger: I can relate.

Stranger: Got any big plans going on this week/month/year?

You: Doing some essay competitions, even if my chance of winning is few

You: Do you have some big plans ongoing?

Stranger: Ooo, I wish you luck sir/madam. I’m sure you’ll do great.

You: But procrastinating is a part of my daily life, like what you witnessed here when you chat with me

Stranger: Absolutely nothing I’m invited to. But that doesn’t mean I wont crash the wedding I wasn’t invited to! But shh, I’m dressing up as a ninja.

Stranger: Oh, so the delay was on purpose, subtle!

Stranger: But hey, at least you replied. Half the time I get no feedback, or just some sex hungry dude.

You: I could imagine, like what Ranchoddas and his two friends doing. Sneak into a wedding party and get free snacks from there lol

You: Well, it’s not really on purpose. But just without I realized it.

Stranger: Maybe, but this is one I should have been invited to. Sadly it’ll be the second one I’m not invited to.

You: Why don’t they invite you? Did they have some grudge on you based on a problem or two?

Stranger: Nah, one said family only, I can respect that, also probably couldnt go anyways so no big deal. This one, no clue, maybe they just havent yet.

You: Only for family, eh. Is it some kind of tradition or norm in your place?

Stranger: No, just what they wanted. keep it close.

You: I see. It’s pretty sad not being able to attend it when you want to.

Stranger: It varies based on the way someone grows up here, and the money, and just generally who they wanna invite. Some dont invite family, some get eloped etc.

Stranger: Yeah, but it would have just been the thought of an invite that counted for me, even if i couldnt make it.

You: It’s pretty complicated. In my opinion, one should invite all of their families and friends if they could afford it.

Stranger: of course, but weddings are for the bride and groom, should they not want people there, thats their choice, they would have known i couldnt go so she coulda said you would be invited if you could come

You: I think I get the point now

Stranger: So, where do you live?

You: I live in Indonesia

You: How about you?

Stranger: Ah! First I’ve met from there. the USA.

You: Ah, the USA

You: It’s pretty far from here

Stranger: Quite far!

Stranger: What’s your name and how old are you?

You: My name is Bagus and I’m 20, but I’ll turn 21 this July

You: And what’s your name sir/madam?

Stranger: Happy early birthday! Mine’s Sebastien and I turn 23 next month.

You: Happy early birthday too, haha

Stranger: Ty

You: You’re welcome

You: Where do you live in the US?

Stranger: Louisiana

You: Lousiana, I recalled that city is in Johnny B. Goode lyrics by Chuck Berry

You: But I don’t know where it is exactly in America

Stranger: It’s a state actually. It’s the part that has a boot shape jutting into the gulf of mexico

You: So it’s located in the south, eh

Stranger: Yes

You: I’d like to ask your opinion

Stranger: Sure

You: What do you think about Donald Trump? Does he qualified as a president from your perspective?

Stranger: He honestly shouldn’t even be alive. He’s a racist, sexist, rapist, he thinks money can fix everything because it fixed his mistakes and he absolutely is an A-Class idiot. Hillary is better than him but has her own issues. Bernie Sanders swould be way better.

You: I think so too, it’s like he pulled some strings to begin WWIII. Even prohibited Moslems to go to the US. I think that it’s going too far 😦

Stranger: Everything out of his mouth is him going too far.

You: Under today circumstances, do you think that he’ll win the trophy?

Stranger: Honestly, he got this far in, it makes me worry america is occupied by idiots who don’t deserve the gift of life.

You: It’s like the media keep pushing him up

You: I’m afraid that too

Stranger: I think I’ll be moving to canada if he wins. Hopefully he thinks all white/orange (cough fake tan cough) people live in canada and wont nuke it

You: Is it that easy to immigrate from the US to Canada?

Stranger: I was born in canada, so hopefully I’ll just be let in lol.

Stranger: But generally easier to do that then any other country.

You: Haha, I see

Stranger: I had fun chatting with you, viva la revolution if trump wins, gunna go look for more interesting chats! You have a good one Bagus.

Stranger has disconnected.


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