The Problem of Development 

We tend to judge part of the society who lives in a lower standard than us as incapable to gain better lives. Then we offer them some helpful advices and resources which going to benefit them in our way of thinking. We don’t even bother to ask whether they enjoy being themselves or it is just our prejudices to judge them for living in a lower standard. Will our help strengthen them or just make their lives become harder? Modernization brings up a new advantage as well as more disadvantages for the society.

To be able to define whether something is good for the society or not is not an easy task. That is why we need to carefully examine what society really needs. We can’t press our knowledge which can differ from the reality to the society.

Firstly we have to come up with the same framework with the one who we are willing to help. By trying to keep the empathy on them, we can dig up some basic information on our targeted people. As we are not judging, they will give some input to our insights. This will benefit both sides of the project, between the doer and the target audience.

As it has finished, we need to define what really best for them. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just keep the status quo, but it is not uncommon for the input to become a useful resource for our project to be done. We can contribute to the maximum potential of ourselves, because we can concentrate on the part which was defined before by both parties, not just one sided.

By doing the project accordingly with an intent to know what we can provide, not what we thought we can provide, we could strike to the point where the society lacks the most. It could strengthen the environment, the world and also the people.


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