Time Waits for No One

“Time Waits for No One.”

I first read those wonderful phrases while I watch Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, an anime movie about a girl called Yoshiyama who can leap through time. She kept repeating her day over and over. When she was too lazy to get out of her bad, she will stay asleep and then re-run her day so she was at full strength that day. But when she repeated her days over and over, she realized that her time was limited even though she could repeat it many times. Also, she felt like she lives in an unfamiliar world which is different from her usual living place. She realized that it does not necessarily feel like living when you live apart from other people.


Time waits for no one…


So I came into a thesis that no matter how we want to spend our time wisely, we need to give full attention to people in our lives. There is a saying that most people are either living in their past or looking too far away into the future so that they live in neither the past, the present, or the future. They just spend their time countlessly thinking about what they could do next or other things which could lead to being productive. But I want to differentiate between being productive with living in other worlds.

Humans tend to need some extra times in order to be focused on their obligated tasks. Sometimes they even forget their surroundings and immersed totally within their own world. We often mislead this as being productive. I agree that being productive is something that really matters for us humans. We have so many tasks to do, some are an obligation, some others not. But we should invest our time in order to become productive by managing our time wisely. So we could define a space of time when we could manage to get things done right away and effectively. I know that this is not an easy task to do, and that is why it is important to do some research in order to find our right biological time when our brains are crystal clear enough to tackle our problems.

Finding the right biological time involves various self-development process. We have been granted 24 hours a week and 7 days a week from God. And among those precious time, we must have been encountered some random occasions when we could get things done without many hard works to do and only with few efforts. The answer lies when we have tried to finish our tasks at different times of the day. Be it at night, in the morning, at noon, etc. That precious length of time should be used wisely by us. If possible, we could invest that time to get our things done. Therefore, we do not need to avoid people in order to finish our remaining tasks which often become an excuse to not meeting people.



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