Taking Things for Granted

Yesterday an enormous problem came into my life. I was going to an amusement park in Ancol, North Jakarta with some friends. The incident happened in a flash while we were walking in a dark area of a ride. My head suddenly stroke unseen wall. I went dizzy for several seconds and realized that my glasses were gone from my head. It was just a few seconds later that I found out that my glasses were broke into two pieces so I could not wear it just like the usual.

Without my glasses, I am nothing. Even the most magnificent view, is nothing before my worn out eyes. I just realized that I used to take my glasses for granted. As I wore them every day, I began to forget how wonderful it was to be able to see clearly with those glasses.

It is natural for humans to take things for granted for almost every single thing that we experienced in our lives. Just like what happens with our parents love for us. At first, it was normal for us to be thankful for toys and clothes that our parents bought to us during our childhood. But soon enough, we will start thinking that it is normal for parents to do such a thing for their children. We will begin developing such a mindset of take things for granted.

Now we need to examine how we could tackle this problem well. Imagine that your precious best friend always teaches you math after school. You thought it pretty normal for your best friend to teach her friend. That is not wrong, but try to consider that your best friend has sacrificed some hours of her precious day which she could use for other activities such as running errands for her mother or visiting her grandpa’s grave.

What we have to do is to appreciate every single thing of life that life itself or other people have granted for us. We need to know that not almost everything became like the way it is because of how it was supposed to. When we are grateful for everything, we will not be devastated when those things are taken from us.


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