Between Takers, Givers, and Matchers

Today I would like to write about a TED talk which I just watched today. Actually, I watched this video because of my friend recommendation to manage organizations better. Sometimes we tend to judge people just by their usual behavior without giving a thinking about the reason why they behave like that or why they become their usual selves. This TED talk by Adam Grant about Are You a Giver or a Taker explains briefly about 3 types of people, which are the giver, taker, and matcher.

We know that there is someone in the organization who tends to ask something like “What can I get?” or “What can you give to me?”. This type of person who often asks something like this could be classified into the taker. They often contemplate first on what they could get from others. Sometimes this type of person could exist in the form of a psychopath or a narcissist.

The second one is what we call the giver. Unlike the taker, the giver always asks what they can do for others. It is good that the giver always work hard to help others. But it often happens that the giver sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, even for the organization because of their natural habit to help others.

And the last one is what we call the matcher. The matcher consists of the majority of the human kind. They often react with “I’ll do something to you if you do something to me”.

There are no best categories. Each of these categories has their own good and bad sides. We have to use these categories for advantage in the career by putting them in the right position in a job. For example, we could use the nature of taker who always asks others for what they can give by putting them in charge of a debt collector.

Adam Grant describes it well on how these traits impact our careers. We have to give it a thought about our quadrant and try to get a job which fit us the most. So we could enhance the team in organizations and therefore improve the performance.


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