Suatu Hari di Bulan Mei, Jam 3 Pagi di Omegle

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: F

You: M

You: how are you doing there?

Stranger: Age and location

You: 20 ID

Stranger: I’m fine thank you

Stranger: Where is Id?

Stranger: I’m 20 from the ph

You: Somewhere in southeast asia, i mean indonesia :v

You: We’re the same age then

Stranger: Ahhh I’m sorry, I’m from the philippines

Stranger: Yes, si why are you here?

You: Oh, I see

You: Looking for someone to chat, about everything is okay

You: Are you a student?

Stranger: Just graduated college, you?

You: I’m still a sophomore

You: So what are you doing now?

You: I mean after graduated college

Stranger: Well it’s 4am here in the ph

Stranger: Ahhh I’m gonna be looking for a job by next week

You: It’s 3am here, almost the same time :p

Stranger: Hehehe. So why you still up?

You: Have you got some plan for your career?

Stranger: What are you taking up?

You: I’m trying to study and end up can’t get to sleep :p

You: Do you mean my major?

Stranger: I’m planning on working on the government so I can pursue a post graduate deg

Stranger: Yes your major

You: I see, is there a big chance of getting scholarship for your postgrad if you work for the government there?

You: I’m taking dutch language and cultural studies

You: What’s your major btw?

Stranger: Not really, but the load of work on the gov is much more lighter compared to private companies. So I can still study while working

Stranger: Wow Dutch language

Stranger: Hope we have that kind of courses here

Stranger: I’m a graduate of civil engineering

You: I see, a good choice you have then

You: Well, humanities major doesn’t valued much here, but i think it open up my new perspective about life :v

You: Wow, civil engineering. It’s pretty rare to see a woman majoring in engineering.

Stranger: The same here, but if I was born rich, I probably took up arts or humanities

Stranger: Yes we’re like 15 girls on our class

Stranger: So what’s your new perspective about life

Stranger: ?

You: Nice choice, I think engineering major pay up much than humanities and other social sciences

Stranger: Thats the reason why I took it. Its all about the money hahah in the beginning but I ended up loving it

You: It’s not much of a perspective, just that I could value more about multiculturalism, about human nature

Stranger: I wish I could think like you do

Stranger: And see that kind of perspective

You: Haha, that’s cool. If you really love your job, then it won’t burden you.

You: You could start it by reading philosophy books, it’s fun ^^

Stranger: Yes, thank God I learned to love it

Stranger: Could you give me some ideas on what book should I be reading as a beginner hehe

Stranger: Philosophy books that are not so deep Hahah

Stranger: Coz I find philosophy hard to understand

You: I think Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder is a nice book for a beginner, it told philosophy with the story of novel

You: But I dunno whether it’s translated into Filipino or not

Stranger: Thanks I’ll look for that

Stranger: Its OK, English is like our second language so no need to worry

You: Do you have your favorite books too? I’m looking for recommendation

You: Oh, I see

Stranger: Hmmmmm

You: But isn’t it hard to find English language book in your country?

You: It’s hard to find imported books here -__-

You: I must go to big bookstore like Kinokuniya or Books&Beyond to find it

Stranger: Nope,it’s easy to find English language books here.

You: Whoa, that’s so practical

Stranger: Do you know the book the twelfth angel? I can’t remember who is the author but that book made me cry a river haha

Stranger: I think you can use the internet then download books from torrent

Stranger: Hehehe

Stranger: PDF books

You: Never heard it before, what is it about?

You: Yeah you can do it, but I feel a bit guilty for downloading illegal books :v

You: Unless it’s legal like project gutenberg or kindle books

Stranger: Its a story of a child who is a baseball player hahha.

You: Baseball player, eh

You: Is the author name Og Mandino?

Stranger: Hahaha I don’t feel guilty. Recently I downloaded Game of thrones and the books next to it on torrent

Stranger: Yes!!!

Stranger: Did you read it already?

You: Haha, we have different perspectives here :v

Stranger: Why?

You: I haven’t read it yet

You: But I’ll look for it later

Stranger: Its not a philosophical book, it’s just a novel I think

You: I dunno, it’s just I’ll be very sad if I write a book and people take advantage of it without giving a notice to me :v

You: I see, good to hear that

Stranger: I’m sorryyyyyy

Stranger: 😦

You: Philosophy is hard for me too, but it’s fun when you understand it hohoho

Stranger: I hope I can understand it well

You: It’s okay, it’s hard to prevent piracy this day =.=

You: But I think it’s okay if it’s for personal use

Stranger: Hahahahaha.

Stranger: Yes, I’m not gonna take advantage of it

Stranger: It’s for my eyes only hehe

You: Hahaha

You: Do you love reading?

Stranger: Not really, there are just certain books that I’ll love reading

You: I see, what’s your hobby then?

Stranger: Reading mangas, watching movies Hahah. You?

You: Pretty much the same as you, haha

You: What kind of mangas do you read?

Stranger: One piece, Magi, adventures of sinbad, fairytail, hxh

Stranger: You?

You: Gintama, Nisekoi, HXH, Relife, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and many other more X.X

You: But I’d prefer watching anime :v

You: There’s sound and the characters are moving, haha

Stranger: Hahaha yes yes, but I prefer manga. Because I already know what gonna happen on the anime

Stranger: But I love watching animes too. Its just that I don’t have much time watching

Stranger: And the internet here in the ph sucks

You: Haha but sometimes there are good original anime like AnoHana or Kabaneri the Iron Fortress that don’t have manga, so you can’h

You: *can’t get spoiler

You: I see, so that’s more practical to read mangas then

Stranger: Yes, I would love to try watching those

Stranger: Yes hahahah

You: Aren’t you into Kpop or Korean drama as well? Haha

You: Most girls here adore them

You: But the boys love animes and mangas more

Stranger: When I was in high school yes. But now not really

Stranger: My sister do love kpop

You: Pop culture is everywhere *-*

Stranger: Yes Hahahaha also here in the philippines

You: Btw where do you live in the Philippines?

Stranger: Manila

Stranger: And you?

You: Oh, in Manila

You: I live in Depok, a suburb near Jakarta

Stranger: Ahhhh hehee I have no idea where is depok, I’m sorry. I only know Jakarta, Bali,

You: It’s okay, I don’t know other cities in the Philippines except Manila haha

You: Depok is 35 km south of Jakarta

You: Have you ever went abroad?

Stranger: Ahhhh. Is it city?

You: Yeah, it’s best to call it a satellite city

You: But my hometown is actually in Kalimantan

Stranger: Never in my life Hahaha. But I would love to go to other countries and explore their culture

You: 2 hours flight from Jakarta

You: I hope that you can do it soon~

Stranger: A satellite city is a sub city of Jakarta?

Stranger: Have you went to other countries?

You: It’s not a sub city, more like city that connected with Jakarta to make transportation system easier

You: We call it JaBoDeTaBek (from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi)

You: More like some cities that support Jakarta

You: Yeah gladfully, I’ve been abroad twice

Stranger: How can these satellite cities support Jakarta?

Stranger: Where have you been? Hahaha I wish I could travel now

You: Everyday there’re many commuters moving between those cities for business or school activities, so the government made an integrated transportation like commuterline train and toll road

You: It’s Russia and Malaysia, and gladfully I could afford both of it for free, hoho

Stranger: Ahhhh OK now I understand.

Stranger: Russia! Wow how?

You: Is there smth like that too in Manila?

Stranger: Smth?

Stranger: What do you mean?

You: *something

Stranger: Sattelite cities?

You: I went to Russia for an event about Russia-ASEAN relations and got sponsor from my college :v

You: Yeah, that’s what I mean

Stranger: Wow, you must be really really smart hehe

Stranger: Nope we don’t have. Haha. Lt

Stranger: Or maybe we don’t call it sattelite cities

You: I’m just lucky, not that smart :v

Stranger: Just ordinary cities

You: I see

You: But I love more about how Malaysia stabilizes 2 capital cities to make life easier

Stranger: Hahaha I bet that your smart Coz you’re chosen to participate on that kind of event

Stranger: They have 2 capital cities? What are those?

You: Hahaha, you can do it too. Just apply if there’s an opportunity.

You: It’s Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya

You: For business activities in Kuala Lumpur and for government activities in Putrajaya

Stranger: Putrajaya is new to me

You: I think Putrajaya is a really ideal place to live *_*

You: Well, it’s a new city which was built because of traffic jam in KL

Stranger: Wow, i hope it’ll happen in the philippines to

You: I just knew it recently too

Stranger: And I think our newly elect president has the same plan as malaysia

You: I think it could decrease slum area and traffic jam

You: Wow, really?

You: That’s a good news

Stranger: Yes, I hope that he can do it

You: Yeah, let’s hope it

Stranger: Praying hahha

Stranger: Coz the traffic jam here is unbearable

You: It’s the problem of almost all capital cities in the world *_*

Stranger: Yes hahahahah.

You: I think public transport is the solution, but the quality of public transportation here is not really good

Stranger: Same here. The problem here is that people buy their own cars even though they don’t have their own garage

You: LOL

You: It’s funny haha

Stranger: I’m already sleepy Hahaha it’s 5am here and my alarm is set on 8am hahha

Stranger: Whats your name?

You: I’m getting sleepy too, haha. Do you have some kind of activities this morning?

You: My name is Bagus

You: What’s yours?

Stranger: Yes hehe, I’m gonna be attending the oath taking for newly registered civil engineers, my name is lyca.

Stranger: Thanks for the time Bagus. I’ll find the book Sophie’s world hehhe

You: What a good name

You: Oh yeah before I forgot

You: I just remembered that there’s an event called Future City Summit, here’s the link

You: It will take place in Hong Kong in August, and I think the topic is kinda suit your major

You: Or maybe you could share it to your underclassmen πŸ™‚

Stranger: Thank you! I will check on that πŸ™‚

Stranger: Its nice chatting with you πŸ™‚

You: Thank you for the wonderful chat too, lyca πŸ™‚

You: Haha, I felt that too

Stranger: Press the stop button hehhehe

You: Should I? Haha

Stranger: Hahahah yes you should,

You: Okay, see you again!

You have disconnected.

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