Interview Behind The Scene

Hello there! Today I have just had an interview for Kampus Update Community Ambassador. As usual, an interview is still a frightening thing for me even though I have prepared some questions and answers predictions before regarding the interview. Interview could be quite tricky if we can’t handle our calmness and lost our cool, and then you’re FINISHED!! Okay, never mind that. On June 11, I got a chance to attend Scholarship Workshop by XL Future Leaders at Senayan City, Jakarta. It was a magnificent event and I learned so much about LPDP Scholarship, essay writing, interview, and making a good CV. But now, let’s focus on how we could conduct a nice interview process as an interviewee. These tips were brought by Tidar Rachmadi from XLFL Team, and I did some rephrase to the tips to make it easier to understand.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty is important once you have decided to step in into the world of professionals. Most interview sessions these days have a psychologist among the interviewers. Usually, psychologists can detect easily whether a person lies or not, be it through gestures or pronunciations. In reality, lying is not a nice thing to do to cover up your weaknesses. One lie leads to another lie, and it will become unstoppable lies in the end. If you think that you do not qualify for the position that you want, the only way to grab it is by improving yourself so you don’t need to lie at the interview.

  1. Don’t Explain Something with Too Many Details

This might seem weird, but there is a chance that your interviewers do not have the same knowledge as you about some topics. E.g. you do not need to explain about your peer group activities at school which does not match the topics for the interview. This kind of attitude will just lead to one-way communication. The best solution for this problem is by searching mutual interests between yourself and your interviewers. So that your detailed arguments will eventually reach them. E.g. you could do some research about your interviewers prior to the interview, whether both of you studied at the same campus or have some mutual friends or something like that.

  1. Keep Your Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of many ways for gaining trust from the interviewers. It can help if both you and your interviewers do not have mutual interests. Eyes can show the interviewers about your confidence, about your doubt, about your honesty, about your lies. Be careful about it. Sometimes it is best to just keep your face straight and look into the eyes of your interviewers. If there are more than one interviewers, be sure to keep paying attention to all of them.

  1. Keep Your Facial Expression

This might be quite hard, but maintaining facial expression could have the same effect as keeping eye contact. You can show your mental state from it. Of course, most people are nervous during interviews, but it won’t hurt to make some smile to your interviewers. Whether it was a real smile or a fake smile won’t become a problem. It will help you to gain confidence and positive attitude.

  1. Be Excited

In Indonesia, there is an urgency to use 3S (Senyum, Sapa, Salam – Smile, Say Hello, Greet) when we meet someone that we must pay respect to such as teachers, public figures, or elder people. This could be work when you do not know how to crack awkwardness between yourself and your interviewers. Always remember that smile is a universal language to show your happiness and your respect.

  1. Keep Practicing

Always practice before you take an interview. The best opponent for your practice is your closest friend. Why must it be your closest friend? Because they know all about yourself whether it’s your weaknesses or strengths. They could give you an objective review about your performance. It could decrease your embarrassment too by doing it with your closest friend. You can start it with some normal questions such as “Please tell me about yourself”, “What was your biggest achievement so far in your life?”, “What do you know about our programs?”.

Good luck with your interviews!

#30DaysWritingChallenge #6


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