3 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Diary Today

“Writing diary, what crap is that?” is my first response to this activity. At first, I just thought that it’s just a crap pulled by some girls in order to document their crappy life. It was not until I was 14 when I started writing diary for a simple reason, I was fall in love with a classmate, but I had no one to tell about this problem. And it was like magic, I started to like this activity and it proved to contribute positively in some aspects of my life. Here is the 3 following reasons why you should start writing your diary today:

1. Record The History of Your Life

We as human beings have limited memories stored inside our brain. Sometimes it gets slipped and you’ll have no idea if such a memory exists. By recording your daily activities or even your own thought about something, you can prevent it from fading from your brain. It is the same with many lessons that you have learned at school or college, sometimes you need to write it down and make some notes to keep the lessons in your memory. Even some well-known people keep a journal to preserve their memory from fading, even after their deaths, remember Anne Frank whose diary made into books?

2. Enhance Your Communication Skills

How can you communicate with your diary? You have to write, of course. This might seems hard for some people who are not used to write in their daily life, but you just have to put down all the things which currently exist within your mind at the very moment when you write in your diary. It is different from making an essay or a fictional story where you have to think about the structure of the writing and the ideas behind it. You just have to write anything in your mind when you write in your diary. Always practice KISS: Keep It Simple and Solid.

Another interesting fact: If you are currently studying foreign languages, it is a good practice for you to write your diary in the language that you are currently studying.

 3. Evaluate Your Daily Activities

Have you ever feel troubled by the same problems over and over? Sometimes you feel like you have already faced the same problems before, but you cannot think of the solution because the problems keep haunting you on and on. You can prevent such a thing to happen by writing your daily activities in your diary. Of course, you can do some evaluation too about what you have done each day, what you have accomplished, what you have done wrong, what you have to do to improve your performance. Some people might find it useless to evaluate your daily activities, but I think it won’t be hurt to save at least 30 minutes before you sleep to look again about what you have done in life.

While all of this seems troubling, but it is not hurt to start writing a diary. I have noted the patron that many succesful people in history were keeping a journal, be it about their daily activities, their thoughts, or even notes. Well, it’s your choice whether you’ll start writing your diary or not, but I can guarantee that it will come in handy in the future! (From 6 years writing diary experience)

#30DaysWritingChallenge #4


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